Introduction of new HAG Scale

Amendment of IAS/IPS/IFS (Pay) Rules, 2007 - introduction of new HAG Scale in place of Above Super Time Scale (i) of IAS/IPS/IFS

Introduction of new HAG Scale in place of Above Super Time Scale (i) of IAS/IPS/IFS

F. No. 20011j5j2009-AIS(II)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training

Chief Secretaries of all
State Governments and Union Territories
Amendment of IASjIPSjIFS (Pay)Rules, 2007 - introduction of
new HAGScale in place of Above Super Time Scale (i)of
IASjIPSjIFS - reg.

I am directed to refer to this Department's letter no.14021/5j2008-AIS-II, dated 29th September, 2008 on the subject "Implementation of Si.xthCentral Pay Commission recom.mendations- fixation of pay and payment of arrears - instructions in respect of members of All India Services(AIS)" and to say that the IASj IPSj IFS (Pay), 2007, have been further amended· vide . notifications [G.S.R. No.572(E)] dated 13th August, 2008 and [G.S.R. No.589(E) and 588(E)] dated 20th August, 2009 to replace Above Super Time Scale of IAS i.e. pay scale of Rs.22400-525-24500 (pre-revised) with a new pay scale of Rs.67000- (annual increment @ 3%)-79000. Copies of the
notifications are enclosed.

2; Accordingly, in terms of rule 4 of IAS (Pay) 2nd Amendment Rules, 2008 and similar rule in respect of the IPS and the IFS, revised pay of the members of the All India Services in the pre-revised scale of pay Rs\22400- 525-24500 who have already exercised their option for drawl of their pay in the revised pay structure in the prescribed format, will be fixed again in accordance with the fItment table annexed to this letter (Annex-I).

3. In the case of all such offIcers in the pre-revised scale of pay Rs.22400-525-24500, who had opted to have their pay fixed under IAS (Pay) Second
Amendment Rules,2008, action as prescribed in para 2 of this Department's letter no .. 14021j5j2008-AIS-II, dated 29th September, 2008 will be taken.In case any officer in the pre-revised ASTS scale desires to revise his earlier option for coming over to the revised pay structure he may be permitted to do so without making any reference to this Department.

4 Fixation of pay of the members of All India Services in new HAGscale,on deputation shall be regulated in terms of clarifications given by the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure vide their a.M. no. 1/ 1/2008-IC, dated 28th August, 2009 (Annexure-II).

5. On account of pay fixation due to the revised HAG scale of Rs.67000-79000, arrears of pay in respect of the members of All India Services, on Central deputation, will be recalculated and difference of arrears in respect of the first installment of 40% of arrears will be paid immediately by the concerned Ministries/Departments in the manner prescribed by the Ministry of Finance vide their a.M. No. 1/1 /2008-IC, dated 21st July, 2009. The remaining 60 % of the arrears may also be paid as the orders for the same in respect of the officers working with Central Government have been issued by the Ministry of Finance vide O.M. no. 1/1/2008·1 C, dated 25th AUC9.(~Director (Services)

All Ministries/Departments of Government of India (as per standard list)
Website Section, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievance anA Pensions,
North Block, New Delhi.\~

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